Thursday, February 17



Checketh the new header. Cause it's sweet. 
I have literally been working on it all night, and then I was like "Shoot! It's 10! I better post something!"
So, yeah, my "brother" Tanner drew me the giraffe playing the piano.
He's an amazing artist. 
Heck, he's just amazing.
I love my babycakes to death. 
(Yes. I call my "brother" babycakes. I'm not really sure why.) 
Buuuut anyways.

Today has been a completely uneventful day.
I've been doing schoolwork for what seems like forever. 
I hate when I procrastinate and then have to do 3 Algebra 2 lessons and 2 Chemistry lessons.
On a brighter note, I read this book today for school that was ammmmazing.
It's called The Snow Goose. I know, I thought it sounded lame too.
But it's really good and I highly recommend it. 

I adore being home schooled. 
A lot of people would tell you that I'm probably socially awkward, and I'll never really get an education. 
Tell me, though, I seem fairly normal.... Right? RIGHT? 
C'mon, people. Nod your heads and say "You're completely normal, Lauren."
Ehh, what's normality anyways. 
I don't wanna be normal, at least society's idea of normal. 
I like being me without worrying about stereotypes and theories of normality. 

You can just call me.... Lauren the Anit-Normal. 


  1. Love the green dress! :)

  2. i LOVE the color of your dress! and your cardigan has a great print.
    -brittney (30x30 remixer)


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