Wednesday, February 16

purple gurple

Although I looove this outfit, I'm not liking the angle of this picture.
It makes me look much bigger than I actually am.
Or maybe it's not the picture and I need to start working out. 
It could deffffinitely be that. 

You like my house?
It's actually really tiny. 
But I love my house. I don't remember ever living anywhere else.
We used to have a trailer back when I was really, really little. But I remember not a thing. 

SO, I have something to show you girls. (and guys. maybe. possibly? I don't want to be sexist.) 

Isn't this just adorable? 
I got it from one of my besssstest friends for Valentine's Day.
Buuut, he hasn't seen me until today, so that is why it is being shown today. 

I'm suspecting that Scarlett is going to be having a new post soon cause we went on a cool walk today. Sooo check it here:

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