Thursday, February 3

your love (day 2)

First of all I would like you to know this picture was not taken by Scarlet. 
It's boring. And not the best, cause this chick took it. Although I do have a pretty rad camera (a purple Nikon Coolpix) I just do not have the talent to take beautiful pictures. 

Today was extremely boring. For real. I doubled up on schoolwork, just to do it. 
(Do not ask what is wrong with me, no one knows) 
Annnd on a couple things I did two weeks worth. 
The pure beauty of homeschooling. 

I also went over to my cousin Brad's house. 
We sang. Played guitar and piano. Just hung out. 
I love that guy. I love all my friends. I probably have the best ones there are.
I know everyone says that. But everyone else is lying. 

On to the outfit:
Oddly enough, I like this one waaaaay better than yesterdays.
It's cause I was comfortable in it, and didn't feel like a completely fat lard. 
Which is odd, cause this whole thing is sorta loosey goosey. 
But I really love the color of my shirt with the color of my cardigan. 
I'm fond of it. 

Also, this has nothing to do with anything buuuut I wanna show you gals this picture.
Cause I love it. Even if I don't look my best.
This is from last Sunday. 
We match XD

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