Wednesday, February 2

i hate my outfit

I don't like this outfit.
At all. I thought it was going to work way better than this.
It didn't.

Anyways, today was youth group and piano lessons.
I love going to piano lessons. So much. I love music. 
New favorite song: 
If My Heart Was A House by Owl City. 
I feel Owl City is now overrated because everyone and their brother looooves them. 
But I don't care. I actually love Adam Young, and I'm proud of it. 
He's got some serious talent.
So yeah, you should go check out that song. 

P.S. During the 30 for 30 I'm not going to tell you exactly what I'm wearing...
Cause you should be able to scroll down and see.
Unless you're stupid. And you're not. 

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