Friday, February 25


Its been a long week and I feel pretty lousy about the fact that I haven't really posted anything.
But, oh well, life goes on. 
I promise that there will, for sure, be an outfit post later today. Because, guess what?? Lauren has clothes on today!!! I'm so good. 

School is getting crazy for me right now, it's pretty tough being a Junior. 
I've been working on stuff for getting ready for the ACT's (which I'm highly nervous about.) not to mention all the usual things I need to get done. Like five million Algebra 2 lessons, and a zillion books on World War 2. 
I'm sorry, but those are highly boring. 
Ok, I lied. I'm not sorry about it. Cause it's the truth.

My weekly schedule is insane. You know you wanna hear it. At least that's what I think you said. It could have been more like "Nooooo. Just shut up. Stop with the madness!!" 
So here's how it goes:
On Mondays I don't do normal school. I go to my drama group, that starts at 1 o'clock (I live roughly an hour away) and I don't get done with that until 4:30ish. On Monday's I usually don't get home until between 6 and 7. 
Onto Tuesdays: I do my schoolwork, but I have to make sure it's all done by about 2:30. Because at 2:30 I have to get ready to go to work. I teach gymnastics between 4:30 and 7:15. (It takes an hour to get to work. Yes. I live in the middle of absolute nowhere.)
On Wednesdays: I do my schoolwork and leave my house by 3:30. Piano lessons are at 4 and usually last until about 4:45 because the people after me are always late and I always need extra time anyways. I get home around 5, or 5:15. THEN I have to leave my house (again) by 6:30, as youth group is at 7:15. That doesn't get over until 9. (wednesdays are crazy
On Thursdays I do my schoolwork and then every other Thursday (roughly) I clean a lady's house for her. That's usually anywhere between 12 and 2 o'clock and it takes about an hour. Also on Thursdays is "Mustang Night". My Dad had a '70 Mach 1 Mustang that he crashed the day before him and my Mom's wedding. After he died, my Uncle decided he was going to fix it up. Every Thursday my youngest sister, my Mom, and I head over there to help with it. That starts at 6 and we get home around 10.
Friday, I just do school. And catch up on whatever else needs to be done. Buuuut, I do two days worth of school on Fridays so I don't have to do anything on Monday. 

So yeah. My schedule is insane. What's the whole point of me telling you this, you ask? Well, because I've been thinking of only posting my outfits on Saturdays. You know, take pictures all week long then do like a little roundup thing? Follow me? Of course you do. 
But, yeah. I might try that starting next week. 

So what do you think?
Too crazy only doing it on Saturdays? 

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