Thursday, October 6

a photo an hour

Inspired by my two favorite ladies Kaylah and Elycia I've decided to try a photo an hour. Though, I'm by no means a photographer I thought it would be interesting. 
..9 something or other..
Time for school. I woke up around 8:45, jealous?

Whilst working on my Pre Calc I decided I needed some hot chocolate... and tried this recipe, it's delish! 

Why sit inside reading on such a beautiful (and warm!) fall day? 

What a cute kitty I have! Mercy Roo. P.S. She thinks she's a good hider.

Lunch time! Concord grapes and noodles with butter! All the while working on an Algebra 2 test. Multitasker I am.

All done with school!! So I started cleaning myself up for going away.

Picked up my cousin Bradford, and heading up to big ole' Mackinaw City.

While waiting to go to the boys cross country meet we went a wanderin' through the streets and ended up in the Bass Pro shop looking at the fishies. 

Look at that strapping young boy, warming up for his cross country meet!! My boy got 12th place! So good he is. 

After the meet I was icy, icy cold. I was very pleased to get into my warm car. My hair looks horrible... it was so very windy.

I climbed a tree to get this picture. And I'm scared of heights. I was crippled by fear and the boy had to come help me down. But it is pretty, isn't it?

In the middle of youth Hunter actually let me take a picture of him. I really like that boy, even when he's sweaty. 

What have I learned from this?
It's freaking hard. And I do a lot of school. It was hard to try and take pictures of things not related to school from nine to two.
But I think I'd like to do it again, agree? 

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