Tuesday, October 11

cutie patootie

You know how you can tell when someone has a headache? 
When they have a grimace on their face even though they're wearing a Hello Kitty Halloween shirt. Obviously I'm talking about myself.
And when I get headaches, I don't just "get headaches"... I get migraines. Which probably means I shouldn't be on the computer. But oh well, I have stuff to do. 
I really was trying to do an outfit post, but all of the pictures I have a sour look on my face. Only because my head hurts so. 
But for real... look at this shirt!
The bow? Cuteness. 
The little bats... so freaking cute. 
Everything. The epitome of cute! 
That is probably my favorite aspect of being miniature. I can wear children's clothes. Thank heavens I'm not only short, but have a complete lack of boobs. 
P.S. Tomorrow is youth. So maybe I can get the boy to let me take a proper picture of him. You've haven't really got to see a proper one. 

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