Monday, October 17

pumpkin spice

 The most perfect pumpkin ever. Seriously. It's so gosh darn cute! After Bible Study I was going to go back to the Pumpkin Barn and buy it for a dollar, but my Aunt Sis was all "Hannah! I have a dollar. Here." 
Casie Ann and I with said pumpkin. 
She was home for fall break from college, and it was a glorious weekend. I was oh so happy to see her (and her friends)! So happy that I practically lived over there Thursday through Sunday. We played games. And laughed. And as seen in these pictures went on a hay ride to the Pumpkin Barn. 
 Cutest sign ever, am I right? 
 I'm not sure what the purpose of these things are, but they're cute!
 These mushrooms were so cool, I begged my cousin Brad(ford) to put me on his shoulders so I could take a picture! Neato, right?
I thought these were pretty, am I right?
I just really like this sign. I've always been a lover of rust. 
What could be better? A red Ford truck AND a John Deere tractor. 
Tanner and Rebekah. QT's. (Yes. I'm aware of how lame saying QT is)
 After the pumpkin barn... Apple cider was made. My Uncle Bruce even built the cider press. He's handy like that. 

On a day like yesterday, how can you not like fall? I mean, I prefer summer. I like being warm. But, the colors are pretty. I much, much prefer Indian Summer. Last week's weather was the bomb. Fo sho. And this weekend the weather was absolutely horrid. But, thankfully, Sunday cleared up. The weather is still not so great, like last night during Bible study it was hailing! And when Hunter's dad came to pick him up he said it was actually snowing at his house. Ugh. The cursed word. Snow. I hate it.

P.S. I took all these pictures? Not all that shabby! 

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