Monday, October 3

the past week via webcam

Picture 1: Unfortunately it's backwards... but they're jalapeño pretzels. Seriously spicy. Seriously good. But you can only eat a couple at a time. *insert sad face*

Picture 2: I'm such a junk food junkie... and pop is my weakness. Plus Cranberry Sierra Mist is only around in the fall! So, naturally, I must drink as much as humanly possible. Along with my Dr. Peppers. 

Picture 3: I love my (very limited) lighting. It's hard to tell, but they're actually Hello Kitty Christmas lights. Also do you notice the abundance of Hello Kitty and giraffes on my bed?? And a bottle of none other than Cranberry Sierra Mist. 

Picture 4: Unfortunately there wasn't enough time this weekend to properly photograph my favorite outfit in a long time. Gosh I love that shirt, and my favoritest teal cardi.

Picture 5: One of my favorite aspects of my face is that my eyes nearly disappear when I smile. I like that about me.

Have a glorious rest of Monday.
I shall be sitting here relishing in the fact that the local schools had a Teacher in Service Day and my mother decided that that meant I didn't have to do schoolwork either! Sitting in my Hello Kitty pajamas, watching Harry Potter (the official movies and AVPS!!), until this evening when I shall get normal human clothes on and take some more senior pictures! 

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