Friday, September 30


I apologize for not having a for real picture of the night, but I did not know I was going to be attending... my first football game of the season! 
See, I went in to work at four o'clock this afternoon and was scheduled to work until eight. Well, I did. And it was dead. There were literally about seven sales ALL day. Three of which were made while I was there. Anywho, because I had to work I had to tell the boy I would not be able to make it to the homecoming game. He was sad. I was sad. But because we closed five or so minutes before eight o'clock I was able to rush out of Mackinaw into Pellston. It was splendid. 
In other related topics, I'm sorry (sort of) that I talk about the boy so much. So, so, so much.  But he is my best friend. And he is really important, and since this is my life/style blog, and he's such a huge factor in my life he must be included. From this day forth I shall refer to him as "the boy". So you know. 
In even MORE news... I have a Pinterest. I still don't know how to work it. I'm also contemplating a Twitter. I had one once... but I forgot the password. What do you think? 

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