Thursday, July 7

seagull, don't go eating his eyes out!

Just stopping to let you know that, yes, I am alive. 
I like to make excuses but you all know it just means I haven't had much time. I like my sleep, and when I get home from work I sleep. It's not like I do anything. Except for Tuesday. Boy was Tuesday a glorious day. It was my first day off in 5 days. It was much needed.
I went to the beach at 11, stayed till 4. My favorite kind of day. Now it was only my second or third time wearing my new bathing suit (that gives you a big clue as to how much I've been working my butt off!) and that bathing suit is cut differently than my old one. Therefore I have a major burn on my rump. It's definitely cute. But I'll live with it if it means I can go to the beach. 

This is an extra little picture thrown in to show you how crazy my person is, and for that matter all the guys around him. Hunter let us bury him (I helped a teensy weensy bit), and then cover up his head. After that we threw chips all over him to see if the seagulls would land on him and eat the chips. They did. It was a riot. 

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  1. cute beach pictures! And i love love the title of your blog:) I'm excited to read more!

    xoxo, kelsey


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