Sunday, July 10

Ivory Giraffe and Peacocks and Laser Guns first official Giveaway!

1. You must be a follower of Ivory Giraffes
2. You must be a follower of Peacocks and Laser Guns (Scar's blog)
3. Comment below! 

You can have an extra entry if you blog/facebook/tweet, whaaatever it is you do, about the giveaway. But it'd be cool if you could give us a link to it. 
P.S. Sorry about the sucky quality of the video. We tried shooting it with this awesome video camera, in HD and EVERYTHING, but the darn thing wouldn't work. *Insert sad face* So you're definitely gonna have to turn your volume all the way up, or put headphones in. Sorrrrry. 


  1. Hey ladies! Consider me entered in this awesome giveaway! I'll tweet about it as well. (You can check at my twitter profile, http;// :] )

    I had no idea your sister had a blog. I have to say, both you chose really cool names for your blogs, I'm a little jealous, actually. :)

    XO Michelle

  2. Lauren, a fellow Gryffindor! :D First off, I must say that this video was so cute and I loved listening to both of you! I am so excited about this giveaway, and I really love the idea of the Open Hand Designs company...So consider me entered! I also tweeted about it here:!/xopaigerenae
    And will also be featuring it in an upcoming blog post. So stay tuned for that! (Will post a link later, don't send the dementors after me just yet!)
    Anyway, still stoked to find an adorable set of bloggers/Harry Potter lovers. Eek.
    Oh, and about this giveaway. ;)

  3. Heyy you guys! @Lauren, thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Consider your blog followed! (follow mine tooo yeah? =P) OOOOOOH, A GIVEAWAY!? =O Me? excited? yes(:
    That scarf is adorable...must.have.
    1. Followed you two
    2. Tweeted abt it here -->
    3. I WILL blog about it. here. --->




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