Tuesday, July 12


Don't worry. I have been wearing clothes, tho half the time I'd like to run around naked. Kidding... kind of. Or at least just run around in my underwear. I'm telling ya, don't come to my house unexpected, because chances are you're gonna see me without pants on.
Actually, funny story. My sister's person, Tanner, randomly came over and I had just gotten home from work. When I get home from work I usually take off my pants and all jewelry. Cause for as much as I love clothes, I love taking them off more. Annnnyways, I was sitting in the dining room just chillin' and here he comes. I had to yell at him to turn around and I rushed into the bathroom where I had dropped my clothes. So yeah. Tell me before you come. Cause if not I'll be naked. 

Guess who's going to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere at midnight?
Yeah. Me. Annnd I'm purchasing the above cardigan.
Nerd, I am. 

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