Wednesday, July 13


Well, Scarlett and I decided that since we had two people enter our lovely giveaway that we would just send stuff to both of you!
Sooo the winner(s) of our first ever giveaway is:
Michelle of Locked Out
Paige of Paige Renae

So what I'm going to do is ask both of you to comment on here with your addresses, and I'll see them. I won't publish the comment. This'll be the easiest way seeing as I can't get into my stupid email. Sooo thank you my dears, we're sooo excited to send your stuff out to you. Until then, watch this:


  1. P.S. No rush, I know you're going to be gone, but I was just curious when we would be receiving the giveaway goodies. Eek, I'm so excited, I especially love that pretty pretty scarf!

  2. aw boo...i just realized i missed this post and i entered the giveaway...quite later):
    (sigh...i'm SO smart :P


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