Monday, July 4

baby, you're a firework

Happy Independence Day people of America, and other countries. 
There will probably be pictures tomorrow of my eventful day, but I didn't have time to take pictures this morning seeing as how I have to work in a half hour or so. And I won't get off till 8. My first 9 hour shift. I may go insane with the amount of fudgies*. 
In the meantime have much hotdogs and watermelon. Dress in tacky red, white, and blue. And sing "Fireworks" by Katy Perry until your hearts desire. 

*If you are a non-Michigander you obviously don't know what a fudgie is... therefore it makes you one. Mackinaw City (the place I work) is known for their fudge, and tourists come for the fudge. They literally buy pounds and pounds of it. So, tourists, are fudgies. 

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  1. i love fireworks!!!


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