Sunday, July 3


 Day four of hectic work schedule, and I'm starting to get a week bit cranky. I miss my friends, I miss the beach, I miss having a life and wearing shorts and flip flops. But mostly, I miss having a life. I probably shouldn't be complaining about working, seeing as a lot of people can't find jobs, but sometimes it sucks. Let's be honest here. 
So I decided to go to the beach at 9. It was a little chilly (although it was in the 80's today!! finally!!) so we didn't stay long. Buuut there was, of course, enough time to snap a couple of pictures. Yippee. 
Happy Weekend. 
P.S. I really do love you guys. Really, truly. 


  1. Aw, you look adorable! I love your swimsuit - I just bought a similar navy blue one and I'm so excited to wear it on the Fourth of July. :]]

    XO Michelle

  2. i love the bathing suit!!! it is so hard to find one piece bathing suits!!!


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