Saturday, July 2

chubby bunny

 Delia's Skinny Jeans (Thrifted); White Collar Sideshow Tee (Big Ticket Festival, via Scar); White Flatts (Payless Children's Department circa 2006)

People of the Internet:
I'm tired. I'm on day 3 of working 5 days in a row, and I don't know if I can make the rest of them. The worst part has been that Thursday I worked 11-7, Friday 2-10, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 2-10, and Monday 11-8. So basically I get home late (cause remember it takes about a half hour to get home from work) and the next day wake up early. I'm not a fan. 
Also, today was a "I look hideous in every single outfit I put on" day. I seriously tried on maybe 5 outfits. I feel pretty brave for posting my pictures, cause I wasn't even fully satisfied with how I looked in this. 
So I have a story for you all. 
I'm at work today, and as some of you may remember I sell Pandora. I'm working with my boss with this lady who's about to purchase a Pandora bead. My boss hands me the bead to go and ring up, and this is what the customer does:
She pats me on the head.
Yes. You read that right.
She pats my freaking head! Like I'm a four year old. 
And here's what she says
"Aren't you just adorable?" 
I thought of a numerous amount of things I could have said to her, but I did the Lauren thing and just shut up. I smiled. And rung up her bead. But, for real, people? How is that socially acceptable to pat anyone above the age of 5 on the head? It's just not. 
So if any of you bloggers every meet me, I'll knock you out if you pat me on the head cause that's just not cool. At all. Period. EVER. 

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