Thursday, September 29

what i wore//miss matched

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's late. 
But here's the thing... I had this outfit on yesterday for youth group, right? It was absolutely smashing, and total "Lauren" outfit. I loved it. It was inspired by this girl and her super cute outfit.  We were running a bit behind so I told Scarlett we'd take a picture after we got home... yeah, we didn't. As soon as I got home, I took my pants and my flannel shirt off and roamed around the house in my underwear. 
I have no regrets. 
I actually really like this outfit anyways. Almost better than what I was wearing yesterday. I feel as if I've reverted back to my middle school days, where my biggest hope in dressing myself was that absolutely nothing matched. I feel just... happy in this outfit. All the non matching colors, the tights underneath my pants, layers, and most especially my mismatched socks. 

In more clothing talk, I need a pair of boots. I'm thinking I love these pair. I'm pretty sure they're screaming "Lauuuuren. Buuuuy me. We're super cute. And we have fuzz". Or maybe these ones. Notice the fuzzy pattern? I just think if I'm going to live in Northern Michigan, and have to go through Autumns and Springs I need a pair of boots like those. Ones that aren't going to make my feet roast to death like snow boots, but not make my little piggies go numb! 

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