Thursday, September 22

what i wore//raking leaves

Number one: Although I know this isn't something terribly fabulous, it is what I wore. And I liked it. I'm not always wearing pretty cardigans and flannel shirts. I like wearing sweatshirts when the weather is cool and let me tell you... the weather is cool. But, I do feel as if I can wear it in a fashionable type way. Or am I super wrong? 
Number two: Sorry for the utter darkness in these pictures. I wore this when I headed for the little Bliss General Store to return pop bottles and then youth group and just as I was getting into the car I remembered I hadn't taken pictures yet. So I had to take them after 9 o'clock. I still like the picture though 
Okay, isn't this the coolest sweatshirt ever? Um, yup. It is. I'm sure of it. It's a Girl Scout sweatshirt from Germany. My cousin used to live there and I bet you can guess what she was. A Girl Scout. All in all, as simple as it is, I like this outfit. It was perfect for raking leaves and playing on a nice fall day. 
P.S. Best part of the day? 
Hunter wasn't supposed to come to youth group tonight because of a Cross Country meet. Well he got 16th place out of 50 (Yes. I am proud of the boy.) Apparently he sat up front with the bus driver and got him to get him home as fast as possible, so that in the last 45 minutes he magically arrived! And then he sat next to me, and it was blissful. 
The end. 

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  1. I love comfy sweaters like these! I think they're cool. I have a pink one. and I think it's good to show what you actually wear because people aren't always dressed up. I'm sure not. Thanks for your comment! I actually went to the University of Manitoba...sorry bout that. I guess i should be more clear. but yeah I guess a lot of schools go by this abbreviation. lol.



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