Tuesday, September 20

what i wore//grey

So I'm in love with this shirt. 
It's comfy, and I'm totally digging the grey. I've decided recently that grey is my favorite neutral. It's like black... but softer. And doesn't make me look so pale. Plus it looks fabulous with absolutely everything. Like yellow. If you pair yellow with black you just look like a bumble bee, pair it with grey and BAM! gorgeous. 
So I've been struggling with this post... how are you supposed to spell grey/gray? At first I was spelling it gray, then I thought maybe not. Grey. Gray. Oh! The confusions of the English language. It's just like color. Or colour. Which route to take?? Or even favourite. 
Something completely unrelated to clothes or the color (colour??!!??) grey/gray. Have I ever told you of my distaste for girls? Like. For real. I'm pretty sure that this should be the theme song of my life. I'm not even kidding. At all. Maybe it's just because the majority of the girls that I've meant are the sucky mean girl ones. Or maybe it's because the majority of the people I hung out with when I was growing up was boys, mainly because they were the only options. But, really. Girls are mean. And when they mess with my people... well my Gryffindor colors shine through. I become bold. Very. Very bold. And courageous. 
Now that my rant is over, I have a serious question:
How do you spell grey/gray? 

Ten points to whoever can find the giraffe. 


  1. Grey (as well as colour and favourite) is the British spelling (British English). Gray (as well as color and favorite) is the American spelling (American English). After the Revolutionary War, English continued to evolve, although separately (sort of like French and Canadian French). I studied linguistics in college. Don't get me started on the ways in which Germanic tribe languages evolved into English. :]

    xo Michelle

  2. @Michelle
    From the perspective of someone who has studied it, what is more aesthetically pleasing to you? Or rather which do you prefer?

  3. Haha you're so funny with the spelling of grey/gray. I never thought of the that before... Good to know!

    Cute photo. I like gray/grey and stripes :)

    sherri from SHERRI AMOUR


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