Thursday, June 30

bliss store is the place to be

 That, my friends, is the Bliss Store. Where they sell Vernors! Oh? Never heard of it? That's right... it's sold mainly in Michigan and a select few other states. If you're at a loss for what it is, it's Ginger Ale, but a million times tastier. 
 The neatest part about the Bliss Store is that back in the day (1800's) the store was owned by my family. Pretty rad, right? It's the only store within about 10 miles, so it's obviously the place to go when you need some munchies. Cooler this is that my cousin now works there, so I can go hang around there sometimes. Also, something unrelated to the store but the food itself... Black Licorice. It's my favorite. I feel like no one else on the planet really loves Black Licorice they only tolerate it. But me, I love the stuff. 
 Purple Striped Dress (Walmart); Peace Gladiators (Payless)
Aren't these shoes the cutest? I love 'em. I guess there are a couple plus' to having small, child size feet. Cute shoes. And clothes for that matter. The thing about these that's humorous is that they're velcro. Oh well. They work. 
 Look at the snoz. It's healing nicely. 
P.S. My hair looks super thin in this picture, but the picture lies. 
Can you have go-to looks for your hair? If you can, this is mine. 
Wanna know another reason I love summer? It gives me red highlights. I've never dyed my hair at all, and I don't plan on it. I like my hair how it is, but I love the red highlights. 
Well, I'm off to work today. Fun, fun, I know. I'm just a party animal. 

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  1. i like the braid..i am horrible at braiding hair...i really want to learn how to do the fish tail


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