Monday, June 18

Klutz Junior

The life of Hannah is ever dramatic. No lie, gals, it's crazy in this neck of the woods. {Ha. Get it? I live in the woods...} Basically I'm the most accident prone individual that has ever walked this planet, or I guess ever limped around this planet right now. See, I can do flips on a four-inch balance beam but give me wide flat surface and my face immediately finds the ground. Literally. So, so literally. Since I'm slowing building the suspense here, I'll finally tell you my story.
On Friday afternoon I was driving my little moped to the Bliss Store to acquire some Gatorade and other goodies before heading to the lake for a few hours before going to work. Well, to get to the Bliss Store from my house you have to turn right onto a dirt road. I turned. I straightened myself out. I then proceeded to wipe out. Honestly I'm extremely lucky that the only things messed up are my knee and chin, as I only had shorts and t-shirt on. But, I have some pretty icky road rash on my knee. Which includes a hole in my knee. I'm pretty bad to the bone. 
Then, once I got home from work that evening I went to get on my computer and the power chord wasn't working. A stupid power surge went through it when the electricity went out, so as of right now I don't have my computer. Ugh. Ma life. 

Long story short:
I'm queen of the accident prone, and regular posting should resume tomorrow when I have my own computer. Gosh, I practically forgot how to use a PC. 

On a completely unrelated note, those are my straws for my party on Saturday. Saturday people. I can't believe it's coming up so quick. I have quite a bit of stuff to accomplish by then, like my bunting, my other pictures inside a mason jar, my picture collage thing, and probably a lot more that my mother will tell me in a few minutes. And those pretty flowers were given to me by the Tan Man's mother. I shall probably be using some for my tables. 

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