Wednesday, June 27

Oh! Forever.

I hate that I've been lacking in the "quality posts" department, but what with the DSLR not working properly I haven't had any way to take quality pictures. I have worn some cute outfits, so if I can find a way to take cute pictures I shall.
In other news, I've been reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Noey and I have been dying to read this book for ages, and when I got a gift certificate to one of my favorite local bookstores I knew precisely what I'd be getting. So on Monday I went marching down there, with my favorite boy in tow, and bought me a book!
Actually, not to deviate from talk of vampires, but Monday was an exceptionally interesting day. Hunter and I were in the great city of Mackinaw going to see the movie Brave {Which, neither of us enjoyed, I might add.} and run some errands. When I picked him up at his house with my '87 Ford pick-me-up truck I knew something was a little off with my brakes but I was already halfwayish to Mackinaw, so why stop now right? We get up there, and slowly the brakes are acting better and better, so I think nothing of it. We parked near the theater but we were a half hour early so we just started walking around, and ended up at the bookstore. We saw the movie. Didn't like it. Then we went to "my store" and bought my bead. When we got back to my truck I turned her on, she roared as usual, and we went on our merry way... until we had to stop at the next stop sign. I put the pedal to the floor and nothing. At all. Lucky, so lucky, for us there was barely any traffic so we were able to pull out and keep going slow till we got to the gas station. Where I proceeded to slam it into park so I wouldn't run into the building. We went inside, got some delish drinks, and hopped back in the truck to discuss what we'd do. It was decided that we shouldn't remain parked where we were, I cautiously drove it behind the store. We then called Tanner and his Dad to come help up. All in all, everything ended up alright. But my brakes are goners. Which isn't good, obs.

See? I lead an extremely interesting life. 

Somebody... please see how my title is funny. Anybody? No? Okay... 

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