Monday, June 25

Class of 2012

Unfortunately I had a little mishap with our DSLR so the only camera we had to take pictures for my party was my little phone and Instagram. Good thing that my Android takes nice pictures! Eventually I'll probably get some more pictures from Grandmas and the like, but until then this is what you get.
I spent all morning decorating the used-to-be-library with my sisters, Mama, cousin Mindy, and of course Tanner. I was actually really thankful to have Mr. Tan-Tan-the-Muffin-Man help me out because he has such and artistic eye, and him and Noey together are the bomb-diggity*. This little space was my favorite out of everything I decorated, mainly because of the bunting but also the very old tablecloth. Okay, scratch that. Everything about this little section made me giddy.
All in all I really actually enjoyed my party, shocker there right? With all my complaining and whining I know it comes as a surprise. But I was so blessed by the turn out, everyone who means so much to me was there and it truly meant the world to see people come. Being a hostess and walking up to every single person who entered the room isn't my forte, nor is it many people's, but I'm glad I did it.

Well, I better get to going. I'm going to spend some time with Hunter today, obviously the best. We're going to see Brave (The original plan was Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, but as he's a minor {and I'm NOT!!} he might cause problems to see an R rated movie) and then go into my** store so I can get a new Pandora bead. But I don't know which one yet, so he has to help me. Also, seeing as apparently Hunter reads my blog now: I love you. The end :) 

*I don't really talk like that IRL. I just act like an idiot online.
**When I say "my" I mean the place that I work. 

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