Tuesday, June 12

I Was Riding Shotgun With My Hair Undone In The Front Seat of His Car

I haven't talked about my hair in quite some time, so I thought it would definitely be necessary. Because I know you all want to know exactly what's going with these locks. 
Right now it's a whopping 23 inches {Up two inches since April!} and as it's summer I know it will be growing lots and lots more in the next few months. So far I'm sticking to my idea of not cutting it until August, but I might be in need of a trim soon. 
As said before I've been trying to not wash as often, which is an ongoing battle. My hair is just so fine and straight that the roots look oily by the end of the day! So in comes dry shampoo. I tried it. I hated it. Yes, I may be the only blogger on the face of the planet to say that. But I just really hated it. It was great for the first half of the day, but by the end of the day it looked even worse than before! It looked just like it does if I use hairspray: Stringy. Greasy. Dirty. But, dear, beautiful readers of mine, I found something instead! Drumroll please! Baby powder. I use it at the roots of my hair and all is well. It smells delicious, it works. I love it. 
Be looking, because I have a video hair tutorial coming up later this week! 

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