Wednesday, June 13

It's All Been Done Before

1//Beautiful sun streaming through Casie's window// 2//Seriously. Blueberries with milk & sugar is one of my favorite summer-time snacks// 3//I made this for Casie// 4//I really love this card I got from my friend Matt for graduation// 5//Mango anything is my fav!// 6//Perfecting the fishtail braid// 7//Freckles are my favorite// 8//Jones Soda is so delicious, and I've decided I'm getting some for my party!//
Not-So-Awesome Things Lately:
  • Casie leaving last night. Totally a bummer, but I'm really thankful for technology & the knowledge that I'm still going to be able to talk to her. 
  • Peeing my pants. Peeing my pants. Gosh, I'm not even pregnant. I'm basically going from 18 to 85. Cause I know you're wondering, here's the story. I farted a little {Or a lot, actually. TMI?} & I had an instant "Oh no!" moment. That's when I realized I peed myself. Maybe this isn't okay to write... oh, well. It's done. Ha.
Awesome Things Lately: 
  • I'm working on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday! Which is basically the best thing ever, as I'm practically broke. 
  • The beach as been wonderful, & the weather has been spectacular. Summer is in full swing, hallelujah. 
  • On Sunday I got to play with cutest little baby girl. She has the chubbiest, cutest legs. And curly hair. And long eyelashes. Gah, too cute.
  • Getting told by a 5 year old little boy "I have a secret. You're my best buddy!" This kid is basically the cutest little guy in the whole entire world, and it still makes me giggle that he hates Hunter because he's jealous.
  • I've finally figured out playing guitar! Like actual songs. With chords and everything. I'm pretty darn excited about that. 
  • Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. He's the best thing lately. Or ever. 

{Hi, sweet pea. As you're apparently reading this now, I thought I'd say Hi. I love you. That is all}


  1. Oh my word!!!! I love you!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The second Not-So-Awesome thing is so freaking hilarious! I love that you weren't afraid to put that on your blog! Oh my goodness, you are like my hero now! hahaha

    1. Haha. You just made my day :) I try to be an open book on here, and I'm glad its appreciated.

  2. Hannah,if you happen to be a fan of the beyond perfect band One Direction,I highly suggest checking out my recent blog post. I went to the concert and posted the crappy photos I took,haha. Please check it out!! Thanks!! :)


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