Tuesday, April 10

What A Hair-Brained Idea.

The last time I did a hair post was back in January! January, people. And seeing as I know how you've been dying to see my gorgeous locks, I couldn't deny you the pleasure any longer. (Ha. As if you care...
Right now my hair is 21 inches long. I'm a bit disheartened that it's only an inch longer, but it makes sense seeing as at the end of February I had a good inch or so cut off due to dead ends. As of right now I'm not planning on getting it cut at all until just before I leave for Bethel at the end of August. So, c'mon hair. Grow, grow, grow! 
I know back then I told you I was trying to wash it less often... well, it sort of failed. But this week, oh, this week. I really tried. Really, really, tried. Especially after reading a post from ClothedMuch. So (no judging, right?) I washed my hair Monday, and finally Friday I got wash it. It hasn't been so bad, until Thursday. Gah, Thursday I wanted to wash it so bad. But I stayed strong, and resisted my urges. 


  1. i really really really love long hair and when i got mine cut i cried...long hair all the way. yours is beautiful!!! i love oct about long hair lol xx

  2. Oh my goodness. Your hair is gorgeous! And 21 inches? Thats amazing!


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