Monday, April 9

Gettin' Ma Tan On

Bonjour ladies! I wish that the first word of my previous sentence had something to do with where I'm off to, but sadly it does not. -insert sad face- 
But, instead I'm heading off this morning to the happiest place on earth: Disney. (In my oh-so humble opinion it's not the happiest place on here. Here, where I live, is the happiest place on earth. But, Disney'll do in a pinch.
I've been sort of keeping it a secret, when all along it's been planned since the beginning of this school year. Crazy, huh? I have some posts all scheduled out for this ole' blog, but hopefully near the end of my trip I'll have some nice things to post from the sunny state of Florida. Where I will hopefully be getting my tan on, cause let's face it. I've been looking like a frickin' ghost. And that just doesn't work for me. (I am super jealous of all you ladies who can be pale and look perfectly healthy and beautiful. Me, on the other hand. I just look sickly. Tan skin works best for my skin tone, and hair tone.
So here, I go. On a long car ride to Ann Arbor, and then a two hour long plane ride to Florida. See you all tomorrow! 


  1. LUCKY YOU,,,, have a great time can't wait to see some pics x


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