Friday, January 20

jo, your one true beauty!

I love classic literature*. It's one of my "things". I read Little Women when I was around twelve or thirteen, which I believe is the perfect time to read such a book. I always found myself somewhat like Jo. I was the tomboy. I was clumsy. I was forever doing the wrong thing. I was always surprised that I never ended up burning the hair off of Scar's head like Jo did to Meg. The other thing I could always relate to Jo was her love of her hair. It was her one true beauty, and it was such a sacrifice for her to cut it off. I always thought she was very brave for doing that. 
I find myself like Jo when I post updates on my hair. If Josephine March were suddenly transported to the modern day you could be sure of two things: that she would have a blog, and that she would probably occasionally talk about her hair. 
The last time I gave you a hair update was back in September! And all along I've been thinking that my hair hasn't been growing. My hair is now 20 inches long. Twenty inches! That's up five whole inches. Wow. I'm really pleased with the progress. I'm especially pleased with the progress of my layers. Back in my early days (ha!) I had very layered hair (Something like this) and now I'm trying to get it all back to one length. I'm really really happy that my shortest layer is now to my shoulders. I've thought about cutting it all to that length... but that's not going to happen until my shortest layer is at least halfway down my back. 
To help with my hair growing I've been doing a number of hair treatments. One was a store-bought Cholesterol treatment, and the other was just Olive Oil. I found that I liked the results of the olive oil better, but the Cholesterol treatment smelled delicious. I've been really working on keeping my hair healthy by not washing it as often. Which, I find really hard to do with such straight hair. I feel like straight, sleek hair gets oilier ten times faster. 

*Except for Tom Sawyer. That is one book I will never be able to stand. Ever. I just hated every stinking minute of me reading that book. 


  1. Ugh, I have really thin hair (but healthy), and I don't want to wash it every day, but if I don't, it gets sooo oily. Any tips?
    I'd like to try the olive oil though.

    1. I know what you mean! My hair is super fine (but I have a lot of it) and gets oily quick. I find that it gets really really oily if I use product. So I would suggest only using product if you absolutely HAVE to.
      The Olive Oil treatment is great! I highly recommend it!


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