Monday, September 12

forget not that the winds long to play with your hair

I haven't had a hair post in about... oh I don't know, two or three months. So here goes!
My ponytail is now 15 inches long. Now the last time I posted about my hair (see here) it was the end of June and my ponytail was 14 inches long. I trimmed my hair in the beginning of August, and just last week. The ends were getting horrible. So the longest was probably 16 inches. It's okay with me to be losing an inch as long as my hair looks good, which it does. (:
My bangs are starting finally reach the point when I can tuck them behind my ears! Hallelujah! Right now, though, I'm still in the stage of braid them out of my face. Which is cute anyways! I promise to do some more of these in the months to come!  
P.S. Soon I will be posting more frequently! I'm finally going to get a new computer. A MacBook Pro to be exact!! Eeks. 

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