Tuesday, September 13

i'm unbreakable. unlike you.

Oh. My. Goodness. 
Whoah. This is big, people. 
Like I said yesterday, sporadic posting shall soon be ceasing! Hallelujah! MacBook Pro comin' my way! Yeah baby!!!! So, so, soooo excited. Like you do not fully understand how excited I am to have a working computer. A computer that lets me into my email account (even if I barely use it.) and into my Blogger and Wordpress. Right now I'm just using Scar's, but I'd rather have my own to use. 
Also, in other news I've gotten some super cute shirts from TJ Maxx!! I love that place sooo much. I'm a Maxinista. Haha. Inside joke only my Mama and seester would get. Anyways, I shall chat with all again soon. 
Fireflight Tee; Deliahs Morgan Skinnies 

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