Thursday, September 15

chubby bunnies

Um. So I'm a goofball. 
And I really love me. I'm sort of extremely awesome. I actually really love my chubby cheeks in this picture. Sometimes I wish I had chubby little baby cheeks, is that weird? They're just uber cute. 
Okay, so anyway, what this whole post about is: 
I'm posting this from my new... MACBOOK PRO! 
Yeah. I know. I'm a cool kid now. 
I'm already loving it. And that means I can definitely post more regularly. Yippee for new computers! 
I'll catch ya'll later gators. 

1 comment:

  1. Looking adorable, as always doll! That's so funny, I'm actually getting a MacBook Air today--perfect timing! :P I'm really excited about blogging with it; I think it will make life so much easier! Also, I've been meaning to ask you, but did you or Scar get a new camera? Because you're pictures have been extra super awesome lately! (Although they're already darned amazing)And I'm loving the layout!
    xo Paige


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