Saturday, September 17

sicky. sick. sick.

I'm so in love with this computer. Like completely totally in love. 
As if you want to hear more laptop talk.
Because you don't wanna hear about that, I'll stop. See I'm nice to you guys! 
In more (but still not so interesting news) I'm sick. Not deathly ill, but allergy flaring sick. Like I can't sleep, or breathe. My nose is stuffy, my throat hurts, my eyes water and my lungs are sore. It's not so great. I had to go to work, tho, so I covered up my lousiness with makeup, a thermal shirt, and a cozy scarf. It worked. I liked it. 

1 comment:

  1. I don't blame you for being in love with your mac! macs are the BEST! :)
    I'm so sorry you are sick dear! I hope you get feeling better soon!


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