Thursday, January 19

what i wore: in details//boys

Floral Top- TJ Maxx; Grey Cardigan- Target; Jeans- JC Penney 
Have I ever mentioned how much I love this top? The colors. The print. The lace. The cap sleeves. Everything about this top screams GIRLY and I love it. Normally I don't wear lots of girly things (other than Hello Kitty of course) but I really love girly things. It just isn't seen in my clothes too often. 
I wore this to church when leading worship, and then later when I hung out with a number of my friends. Actually, now that I think about it, they were all boys. A lot of girls get bored hanging out with guys, but I really enjoy hanging out with them. Watching them play video games I don't understand, listening to their banter. I've always had more guy friends than girls, and I don't ever regret that. The thing that I appreciate about my guy friends is that I know that as much as they pick on me, and me on them, that I can count on them. Guys (at least the ones I know) have this sense of loyalty that I've never seen girls have. They may punch each other, but they don't mess with each other's inside feelings very often.
As girly as I can be, as much as I love my florals, as much as my guy friends make fun of my girliness, I'd gladly take five of my best guy friends, over one girl acquaintance any day. 

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