Wednesday, January 18

instant gratification

Back in Novemeber I told you guys about my thrifting adventure in which I found a Polaroid Land Camera. Well, it's been awhile but this past week I finally got some film for it! I had been looking around on eBay, but I just wasn't willing to spend $55 on expired film when I wasn't even sure if the camera worked. So instead I hopped onto The Impossible Project's website and purchased some film there. 
I was completely impressed with the Impossible Project. My package came in under a week, and the package had good instructions and everything. 
Lucky for me, my camera worked! I was, and still am, beyond thrilled! My first picture came out a little... horrible. But there's no way I'm getting rid of it, because it taught me quite a bit. Like I need to follow directions and make my camera go on the darkest setting possible, and it's super important to shade the picture from light the second it ejects from the camera. 
All in all I can finally say that my thrifting purchase was a success, and there will be many more instant pictures to come! 

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