Tuesday, November 8


Over the weekend I went thrifting/antiquing. 
It was a fun time, hanging out with Tanner and Scar (sadly no Hunter.) and my Mimi. I set out knowing I was looking for a couple things. 

1. A chunky, big(ish) sweater
2. Ankle boots
3. A Polaroid camera

Lucky for me, I found 2 of the 3. Which is a pretty good percentage if you ask me. 
I ended up finding a smashing sweater, and the price made me very happy. I had been looking at a J.Crew sweater on sale for $80, and this one I bought ended up being $1.90. It doesn't have any tags or anything, so I'm not sure of the brand or what it's made out of. But it feels like a cotton blend. I like it. And I just noticed is has hearts. Cuuute. 

Every place we went I would ask about a Polaroid, and everyone said that they get them in but right now they didn't have any. But. But. BUT. The last place I went (20 minutes before it close, mind you) said that they did have one. I looked it over, and it seemed to be good. I was a bit bent on the price though, $50, but decided to snag it anyways. Upon bringing it home I did some research and found out my model goes anywhere from 50-200 dollars. I'm still not sure if the thing works, because I don't have film. But I'll be finding out soon, I hope. It's a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Sonar OneStep. 
I'm excited about it, and overall thrilled with my purchases. 

Also, about the weekend and things that went on. The boy did great at states. (:

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