Tuesday, January 17

ships in the night

For most of the years of my life I've hated snow. I hate anything cold (except ice-cream!), and snow just so happens to fit in that category. I've always despised the winter months because all it leaves me is shivers. But, not this year! I've been desperately wanting the snow to start falling so I can have something to do. Sledding! Snowmobiling! Snowshoeing! Well, Mother Nature must have heard my cries for snow and decided to make me unhappy once again by not sending any! 
I was just losing all hope of ever getting what I want when low and behold there was a snow storm. In twenty-four hours my front lawn has transformed from being able to see grass to a think white blanket of snow. Thank you, weekend, for giving me my much desired snow! Now, I shall go frolic in it! 

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