Saturday, January 21

until the stars fall

This weekend I will be doing who knows what. Usually my weekends are full of cuddle time with the boy, but unfortunately for me, he is away. Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad that he's away having fun. But I shall miss him terribly. I already miss him terribly.

A funny tidbit about the boy & I:
We're both terribly forgetful. I'm always losing something, and so is he. I don't know how we have yet to lose each other.
Anyways, he's forgetful & so am I. Last night the boy came to my house. We watched my cousin & sister play Wii, we played games, & when the night was coming to a close he needed to call his dad to tell him he'd be a little late. Well, guess what? He couldn't find it. We called & called it, we searched. We finally gave up hope that it was in my house, & he left to search elsewhere. (elsewhere meaning the ditch that him & the cousin went into on the way over). Alas, he did not find it.
As I was about to go to bed last night, I decided I needed my iPod. I couldn't find it. Conveniently. So I get on good ole' Facebook & talk to my boy, & tell him about how I lost something as well. He tells me where he last saw it. Wasn't there.
Eventually I found the iPod, but the boy never found his phone. Which is awfully sad, seeing as he'll be away all weekend & I have no means of communication with him at all. I'll probably be Tumblin' it up all weekend out of pure boredness.

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