Friday, March 21

March Blogger Swap

For the first time I ever I decided to be apart of a Blog Swap! It was super exciting to me, mainly because I love receiving/sending packages and letters. It's def my love language. If you're interested in becoming a participant in the Blogger Swap that I'm apart of make sure to click the linky-poo and sign up! 
I got paired up with Jordan from The Spontaneous Idealist, who runs the cutest little blog! She is such a sweetheart and sent me the best package right when I needed it! I had been having a rough week, full of sickness, and it was just such a blessing to get her package yesterday. I walked to the other end of campus after getting a package slip in my mailbox and could barely contain myself when I saw who it was from. Okay, I couldn't contain myself, because I ripped it open on my walk back to my dorm and practically started crying at how absolutely sweet Jordan was. I'll share a little bit of what Jordan said about each item in my package:

Paris tissues- Because no one should have to deal with spring allergies- at least not in style.
Stationary- Writing is a mutual love between us. 
Floral headband- So dainty and elegant. 
Lollia no. 19 "Breathe"- from a boutique I visited over spring break. Literally a breath of fresh air.
Yankee Candle "Sweet Honeysuckle"- The smell of summer down here in the South. 

Seriously! What a kind spirit she is! I absolutely love everything in my package. It's nice to have such springy things to remind me that warmth is near, when Indiana just got snow overnight. 


  1. I am so glad you liked it! Also, I have realized that one of the notecards I sent you apparently fell out (and it is in my car)! I'm sorry!

  2. I LOVE honeysuckle! So glad you two enjoyed the swap :)


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