Friday, August 24

Gotta Get Down On Friday

Literally. Gotta get down to Indiana on Friday. Today. 
Today is Friday. 
Sure, it seems like a simple statement. A fact that is known to everyone on the planet. But it's not just any Friday, no. It's the Friday. The Friday I move away from everything I've ever known. The Friday when I become just a bit more independent... okay, well maybe that won't happen until Saturday. But still. It's a step. It's me loading up my Mama's car and driving six hours south. 
Thanks Bliss. For being the perfect place to grow up. Where the trees are plenty, where imagination soars, where Grandmas are just a horse field away. Thank you for being a place where I can lay on the beach on a hot summers day and where I can go sledding when its cold out. Where my sister became my best friend, and where I met my sweetheart. Thank you even for being the place that my Daddy can look forever on a field where horses play. I will miss you. But I'll be back soon. Pinkie promise. 


  1. Have a great year at college! And a safe trip there.

  2. Hope your college experience is great! So excited for you! =)

  3. I love you Hannah x 2! You are going to do great!

  4. Oh.My.Golly. I love your blog content!! It's so fabby! And just a question, did you get someone to desighn your blog, or did you do it yourself? It's wonderful!!! I'm a new follower, you can check out and follow my blog if you wish at

    Good luck with college, keep smiling, Leah xoxx


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