Thursday, August 2

How It Flies...

I am simply blown away with how quickly this summer has gone by, not to say it's over by any means. I can't believe that in a mere twenty-two days I'll be leaving Bliss for Indiana. Starting my college career. I am trying to be overly excited about it {I am excited} to cover up my complete terror and fear. Fear of leaving. Of being without Noey, and Hunter. Of not doing well enough in my classes. Of being weird and that my roommate will hate me. Staying here seems like such a safer option. Here I have my family. And my house. And Hunter. And everything is... comfortable. And that's why I want to leave. Is that odd? Wanting to leave because I'm comfortable? But I want to grow as a person, I want to become all that I'm meant to become and sometimes the only way to truly do that is if you step out of your comfort zone a little. Or a lot. 
I'm scared.
But I'm excited.

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  1. Wow, that's so exciting, Hannah! Good luck! =)


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