Tuesday, June 7

not what i wore

 White Eyelet Skirt (Rue21)+Blue Tank (Aeropostale)+Get the Heck out of My Face Bang French Braid= Warm weather coming

Yeah, I'd like to say this is what I wore today... but it'd be a total lie.
I woke up around... 10ish (sleeping in your own bed is glorious) and just hung out around my house in my bra and a pair of minuscule shorts until 12ish. Thank the good Lord for whoever invented strapless bras, because that's the only comfortable thing to wear when your shoulders are fried. It's days like today that I wish I owned a tube top, however immodest they are. I eventually put this on, but then decided to spend my day at the beach.
While at the beach I pretty much wore this, but with a baggy t-shirt tied up. It showed me tummy, but I didn't really care. I was at the beach for heaven's sake. 
So, although this is cute... I didn't wear it much.

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