Thursday, June 16


As always I went to Keiko's blog today, and low and behold there was a link to this awesome article. I went to read it and the follow up, and it was just... wow. It's great to know that I'm not the only one who feels the way all those girls felt. 
Sometimes I feel like my blog will go nowhere because I don't have the newest, most fabulous clothes. Or because I know nothing about html and I can't make my blog look professional and unique, and I don't have the money for someone else to do it for me. Or maybe because I live in the boondocks, and am a country girl who sometimes doesn't look all that fabulous but I like what I'm wearing so I post it. 
Blogging is supposed to be all about being you, and sometimes I find myself thinking:
"If only I could be like Paige Renae and have super long legs."
"I wish I could look as sophisticated as Autie
It could go on and on. What I know I forget sometimes is that I'm not Paige, and I'm not Autie. They look absolutely beautiful for them, but me, I look pretty darn good in a flannel shirt and some ripped up blue jeans. And that's my put together look. And you know, nothing's wrong with that. I shouldn't have to wear a certain kind of clothes to be a style blogger, I just need to be wearing clothes. 


  1. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. Thank you so much for reposting the article and adding your thoughts. You're right - nothing's wrong AT ALL with your style. Honestly I wish I could tie up a t-shirt and throw on some cutoffs and looks as cute as you do! So do what you love, and love what you do. That's what blogging pretty much boils down to (to me anyway =D).
    (and I've thought the same thing about Paige. Her legs are like three miles long. no fair. ;-p)

  2. I'm a country girl and I live in the boondocks, too. Sometimes it's hard. I'm jealous of all these blogger meet-ups other bloggers get to partake in because they live in areas that are actually populated, unlike myself. But you just gotta make it work for you. There are serious advantages to living in the boondocks and being a style blogger. A) Your backgrounds always rock in your photos. B) You don't have to worry about onlookers looking at you strangely when you're taking a bunch of photos of yourself because guess what?! You live in the boondocks and no one else lives there. C) The local thrift stores have the coolest, ugliest things evarrrrr. Mmmhmm. So keep on keepin' on, because I just found your blog and I like it! A lot.


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