Sunday, June 19

the stars are bright in your eyes

Ya'll are in for a treat in the next couple days, because I just got two whole grocery bags full of adorbable clothes from thrift stores! Three or so new dresses, this lovely tank, some skirts. All things that scream LAUREN. 
I'm absolutely for sure ticked right now, wanna know why? Well I'll tell you straight up homies! (I'm so gangster. Word.) It's my day off, right? I worked the past two days, and I'm going to be working the next three days. It truly sucks for one reason. The last two days were absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to be at the beach all day. And since today's my day off I had it all planned out: Go to see Pirates 4 today (for the second time, it's the bomb.), have dinner/lunch at The Depot (Best deep fried cauliflower eva) and then go to the beach. Yeah. Plan ruined. It's freaking cold. Life... ugh.
Arizona Tank (Thrifted); Hollister Cropped Hoodie (Thrifted); Denim Capri's (Thrifted); Purple Bandana (Scar's)
I had to show off one of my funny faces. I feel as if I don't do enough on here, and I'm truly a funny face kind of gal. I love just making weird and random faces at little kids, they give you the funniest looks. Ahh, the enjoyment I find in harassing people. 
So you see my face here, right? Well that is my:
"Bro, I got a story for youuu" face. 
See that on my elbow? Yeah... I ran into a wall on Wednesday. He was extremely rude too, didn't even say excuse me.
See that on my alligator leg? (If anyone knows some sure ways to get rid of dry skin, I'd love to know. I've been using lotion like craaazy, man.) Well that's the funniest story of them all. I was playing soccer (MUCH to my chagrin) and I was the goalie (I did catch the ball once, it made me happy.)... whilst being the goalie I tripped over the goal post thingie. While walking. It hurt like none other. 
Alright, peace be with ya'll. Sorry for the long post. I've missed you people! 

OH! Almost forgot! 
to my littlest sister, Rebekah, who turned 11 today.
And Happy Father's Day to all the Papas out there, including my Daddy even if he's in heaven. It still counts, I'm sure. 


  1. I LOVE that shirt! It is so perfect for you! =)

  2. You're adorable, the end. :] I haven't been thrifting in forever! so I'm super jealous of your thrifting haul & I can't wait to see more of it. This outfit is adorable; that tank looks great on you!

    XO Michelle
    Locked Out

  3. @Michelle
    Aww, thanks :) You're extremely adorable yourself!


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