Wednesday, June 1

camping till the wolves eat me

People of the Blogosphere: 
I'm gonna be camping until Tuesday. 
Do not think I've died, but don't be surprised if I do. I hear there are a lot of bears in the U.P. (for non-Michiganders that means Upper Peninsula). This is surprisingly my first time actually camping, like for real camping. So there should be some pictures, but don't expect me to look fabulous. Cause it's pretty darn rustic.
Have fun without me, darlings (:


  1. I'm so scared of bears...they are always on my mind when I'm camping! But then, I'm a total baby.
    Have fun!

  2. @Eva
    We were definitely a wee bit scared about them, but I was more frightened about possibly seeing a moose. Those suckers are huge!


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