Tuesday, June 7

tan lines

Hello people of the Blogosphere! 
Lauren is back from camping, and it was an ultimate blast. 
I seriously went cliff diving. It wasn't a huge cliff or anything, but it was a cliff nonetheless. I think Scarlett'll have some pictures soon, so you'll have to check them out. 
Until then, how about a picture of my burn? 
I'm a mega wimp when it comes to burns, mainly because I barely ever get them. I just turn brown. Annnd, I know everyone everywhere in the world hates having tan lines but I love having a tan line. Being able to show the word my work. Yes, I'm a bit weird, but you know you love me anyways. 
Also, whenever I have my webcam on I'm pretty sure Mercy just knows cause she jumps in my lamp. At least that means I have pictures of her, unlike my puppy who hates cameras. Boo. 
Just wait peoples, I think I should have a couple more posts for the day... that is if my computer stops acting like a turd. 

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