Wednesday, June 15

munchie munch munch

I went to the glorious beach today! From 11 until 5.
As said... it was glorious.
In case you're not aware: I'm in love with junk food. 
For real home sizzles. Whenever I go to the beach, I must stop by the only store in within 15 miles, and fill up on my needed munchies. 
On this fine day I bought:
Nantucket Lemonade
Black Licorice
Lemon Drops (my new fave!!)
Sunflower Seeds
AND Funyuns

How cool is this picture? 
I didn't even do it on purpose. How awesome am I? Pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. You like my nails? They're nice and glittery. 

Hello Scarlett! 
You sure do look cute in your little friend's sunglasses. 

Among other things that happened today:
After 3:30 or so my favorite boy came to the beach. We got to hang out for awhile at the beach, and then him and Tanner (the one with the sunglasses) came to my house and we watched.... She's the Man!! My favorite. 
We then went to youth group... where I decided I'd make my favorite boy happy by playing soccer. I was goalie... and I tripped over the goal post. While walking. 
I then had a mental breakdown with resulted in my talking like a four year old, and I started rolling on the ground laughing and what not. I think I got too much sun. (If that's even possible.) 
I also received a Hello Kitty plush doll in the mail today.

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  1. Sounds like an AMAZING day! Both the "glasses" pictures are really cool! Looks like you figured out how to get the border off - so sorry it's taken me this long to get back to you! I've had a comment drafted three separate times, and I get kicked off the computer and/or sent to do yard work before I could finish it up.
    So anyway, I have no idea how or why my pictures don't have a border. It may be how I'm uploading them (first to Flickr, then individually through URL). But you've already got it figured it out, so good for you! =D Glad you had such a great day.


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