Wednesday, August 17

washed (beach) glass

Although this summer is nowhere near done, one thing that will be a trademark of the summer is washed glass. My person just discovered the fun involved in searching for glass, and has become a wee bit obsessed about it. Which is funny. And a little endearing. He never goes a day at the beach without scouring the sand looking for a little piece of green glass. The day usually ends in him forgetting he put his glass on his towel, shaking the sand off, and losing his treasured glass. He gets a wee bit upset over that one piece of washed glass. It's funny. And once again endearing. His new thing is trying to find a purple piece, I'm thinking it's because I told him those are my favorite. At least I'd like to imagine so, but it would make sense seeing as he started saying this after I told him the purple's are my fave. That boy is just the bee's knees, I'm tellin' ya. 

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