Friday, July 27

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Sad Hunter :( Happy Hunter :) 
Days off generally consist of me cuddling in sweatpants with my boy and eating Cracker Jacks. And Mint M&M's. And watching Hunter try and fix the DVD player so we can watch 27 Dresses. Okay, so I actually tried helping him with it. But my job was mainly just to see if it was working yet, and take pictures of him. It's a tough life.
We never did get the DVD player to work, so we just watched it on my laptop. Bummer. 27 Dresses is seriously one of the best girl movies in the history of the world... after She's the Man. Both of which Hunter actually enjoyed watching. But that may have been because he was getting kisses every once in awhile in between watching. That's probably more it than anything else.
I love how in the first picture you can see Mini-Sister playing Wii. Somehow she figured out how to hook that little sucker up, but couldn't manage to figure out how to hook up the DVD player. Also, on an unrelated note: While we were gone at camp my Mom had a wood floor installed. I'm secretly in love with it. Shh! Don't tell my Mama. 

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