Monday, July 23

You Demand It All

 There comes a point in everyone's life when you have to choose. For some they might not face the decision until they're sixty, and for some when they're twelve. For me, it happened this year at camp. Cliche sounding? Maybe. True? You better believe it. 
Over the course of the past week I learned some valuable things. Things that might seem obvious but they never really sunk it. I chose to start believing everything that I've been saying to others. Things like:
God loves me. 
I'm good enough. 
It's not my fault. 
God wants me to be where I'm going. If He didn't want me at Bethel I wouldn't have gotten accepted, and I wouldn't have gotten scholarships. 
And lastly, being a Christian is a huge decision. It's a life changing decision. And it's serious.   

I had fun. I listened to great music {Mini-fact: The guy who is singing this is related to the Veggie Tales guy!}. I made choices. I played Ultimate Frisbee with a cantaloupe, and was whacked with nylons full of flour. I learned some valuable things about attending Bethel. 

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